Student Chapter Events:

Annual Events:

  • Annual Water Symposium – The student chapter assists in hosting the annual water symposium and quarterly water workshop organized by NCR-AWRA.
  • Career Night -The Student Chapter hosts this event each winter and it is open to the entire student body. It features a panel discussion with professionals in the water resources field and is followed by an informal networking and social hour. 
  • Earth Day – This Student Chapter loves celebrating it! Each year we get together at the Main campus to enjoy tree planting and gardening activities.
  • Kayaking Social: Each year, this student club organize soil gathering at the most beautiful part of waterfront for kayaking and networking. 




Special Events:

  • Community Service Events - Each year, the Student Chapter participates in community service events like stormwater retrofitting, tree plantings and river cleanup.


Monthly Meetings:


  • Every month, the Student Chapter hosts meetings and social hours for chapter members. At these meetings, we engage in lively discussions of current events and personal research in the world of water. We also encourage networking and civic engagement in the field of water resources and sustainability practices.  


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