10th  Annual National Capital Region Water Resources Symposium
April 8, 2022


The 10th National Capital Region Water Resources Symposium was held April 8, 2022 at the University of the District of Columbia.   This one-day symposium brought together experts from governmental agencies, academia, the private sector, and nonprofits to discuss challenges and opportunities for sustainable management of water resources and infrastructure in the region, as well as nationally and internationally.  The theme of 2022 NCR Water Resources Symposium was “Data Science Applications in Water Management” which was discussed at the morning plenary session.  Our Keynote Speaker is Dr. Stacey Archfield, Research Hydrologist at USGS. Expert panelists include Shawn Komlos, Physical Scientist, Institute for Water Resources;  Mathew Mampara, Vice President, Dewberry;  Sudhir Raj Shrestha,  Physical Scientist at NOAA; and Jason H. Davison, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, The Catholic University of America (Moderator). Our Luncheon Speaker is Michelle Wyman, the Executive Director of the Global Council for Science and the Environment.


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